Well since Dean has got his act together I figured that I had better do the same and catch up with blogworld for all you internet folks. So as promised here are a few more of what has happened since my arrival down under.

I am currently in a bar in Freo where I have worked for 2 months called the Orient, it’s pretty cool, they have some decent beers, live music on most nights and “I’ve got a brand new combine harvester” by the Worzels on the karaoke machine. So all is well but it’s not the road.

My adventures have been more about blagging and situation creation than anything else.

In Australia they have a festival that travels the country called the Blues and Roots, think lolapalooza in the States. And this year the West Coast part was based in Freo. Tickets cost an absolute fortune so I was destined to work through it at Little Creatures. I then found out that Ian Brown was playing. As I mentioned a while ago I was mostly working on the door at Creatures which was boring, but as they had a festival going on the next day it was kind of cool. However I was working the door at Creatures where all the artists for the festival decided to hang out the night before. I met Jules Holland, and his main backing singer who is a very attractive Manc lady. I ended up chatting with all the smokers which included a short scottish lady to whom I bemoaned the fact that I couldn’t get into the festival the next day and thus would miss Ian browns Performance. She obviously took a shine to me, as she came back over at the end of the night with two complimentary tickets, turns out she was KT Tunstall!


A few hosteleers at the festival with me (Inc’ Andy at the front left a quality Kiwi feller who works in the mines).

I saw amongst others; Gotye, Ray Davies, Don McClaine, Sinead O’Connor. but the best were these three:

An weird local two piece who’s name I forget:

My New mate KT:

And of course the Manchester legend himself:

His set really kicked some backside, and the atmosphere was quality, it was like a football match.

I met some really cool people at the festival who I am still in touch with, such as Mark and Paul. However I was still on the blag and decided to try my hand at getting into the VIP enclosure. I succeded and got to meet the man, here’s photographic proof, me and Ian Brown.

So here is a snippet from a few months ago, I promise to get sopme new sections in soon, such as house, car and work.

I did however have to leave creatures to go but luckily for me I had been offered a job at the Bar Orient that week, I haven’t looked back yet.

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