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You’re Not Welcome

The Memorial Hall of Anti British

Never been so proud to stand for a photo in a musuem

Here’s a classic moment during our trip to Gyantse, Tibet. The Memorial Hall of Anti British, has there been a better named establishment on this humble globe? I certainly can’t think of one.

The place was actually closed when we arrived, but that wasn’t going to stop us from getting to see this fact filled place of truth. We asked the ambling workers if we could come in, and after a few minutes of waiting around, a guard type chap becons us to follow him and he opens the doors and switches the lights on. Personally I find it crazy that such a place doesn’t have people flocking to it every day.

The hall was full of fantastic facts about how terrible the British were to the poor Tibetan people and how we came crashing in with our future-tech weapons, wiping out the peasant types as they stood armed only with sticks and stones and the occasional knife. Thankfully for Tibet, when China came and took back the state from the wicked British (Cause it was China’s before we came crashing in) all calm was restored and everyone lived happily ever after.

The British aren’t blameless in all this, there were certainly bad and selfish acts performed by the empire, but the slant that this museum gives is both laughable and sad at the same time.

If you’d like to read some perspective on the state of Tibet then follow this link and link

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Iron Bru Curtain

In Communist Russia Iron Bru Drinks You

In Communist Russia, Iron Bru Drinks You

This photo was taken way back on our first day in Moscow, Russia. In fact at this point in time we’d not even found a place to stay for the night. That obviously didn’t matter to Tom, who’d decided to wonder off to get a drink and was obviously more excited to find that Russia drinks Iron Bru.

You’ll be thankful to know that we did find a place to stay, but only after navigating round the Moscow tube system multiple times, walking for many many miles (complete with backpacks) and being told at least once that the hotel we were looking for no longer existed. Still though– Russian Iron Bru!

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